• Equality Act Training 2024

    Nigel Urban, in association with Zoe Lagadec, Solicitor (Mulberry’s Employment Law)

    Are you one of the 1160…and is it true? 

    Googling “we abide by The Equality Act” gives 1160 results. If you are an employer that has that, or something similar, on your website and in your marketing materials, great – you have good intentions. 

    However, despite the best of intentions, is it true? 

    Make sure that you are one of the employers where it is genuinely true. 

    The Training 

    This 2.5 hour CPD certified training session provides employers with an introduction to The Equality Act 2010. Diversity and inclusion are of key importance to employers, giving them benefits through having a workforce that feels valued and knows that their rights are respected. In turn that gives a committed and productive workforce. 

    The Equality Act 2010 underpins the law on discrimination, harassment and victimisation in an employment context. By understanding their obligations under the Act, and the principles it embodies, employers can achieve the benefits above, whilst knowing that they are operating within the law. The training also looks a little at the consequences of non-compliance. 

    This training will allow employers to understand the issues involved, so they can begin to plan to achieve full compliance. At the end of the formal training, the presenter can stay to facilitate a discussion on how the employer can move forward, to fill in any gaps in compliance and Zoe can assist with any legal issues which may arise and the preparation of relevant policies. 

    The training is certified to be delivered face to face, in groups of no more than 10, so the group can interact during the session. Participants will have the chance to consider how the Act applies in certain situations, how people with certain protected characteristics may be affected and how words may have loaded meanings. 

    This training is not limited to HR professionals, nor even necessarily to senior management. Anyone who makes decisions that will affect employees, or prospective employees, will benefit. 

    The training is, of course, a first step. Comparing it with driving, it can be likened to the theory test – you will have a good idea on what the law expects of you, then you need to become a good driver, which needs more thought, but above all, practice. 

    We’re Already Covered on This 

    Are you, though? Some employers have resources they can draw on to help with employment law issues. The problem with these is that they often operate after the event, or at least after issues have become evident. By learning how the law operates, what the principles are, employers can be more proactive and avoid issues arising. 

    Employers may have access to online training, which purports to explain and teach discrimination law. Experience shows that these are usually no more than tick-box exercises, which offer little chance for interaction, questioning or real learning. 

    So, if you are committed to diversity and inclusion, and eliminating discrimination and harassment, take this training. 

    Cost:    £795 plus VAT, plus presenter’s expenses to your workplace. 

    £500 plus VAT for retained clients of Mulberry’s Employment Law Solicitors 

    For more information and to book contact:

    Nigel Urban, nigel.urban@talk21.com 07765 465508 

    Zoe Lagadec, zoe@mulberryssolicitors.com

    The Presenter 

    Nigel Urban has 10 years’ experience of teaching law. He has three law degrees, including the prestigious Bachelor of Civil Law from Oxford University. 

    Nigel was Senior Lecturer in Employment Law at New College of the Humanities in London, now Northeastern University London. Throughout his time teaching, he has taught students with vastly different levels of experience and understanding, developing an ability to explain complicated concepts in simple terms. 

    What Others Say 

    “Nigel Urban’s Equality Act Training was by far one of the best I have seen – and I have been to a LOT of these over the years! 

    “The discussion points were thought provoking for all ages and promoted a lot of discussion, which is what it’s all about.” 

    “As someone who carried out a lot of training and facilitating in a former life, I would strongly encourage you to consider contacting them for your Equalities/EDI training – I only wish all training was this useful!” 

    Tanya Beck, disabled equal rights campaigner 

    “The Equality Act training provided by Nigel Urban was both interesting and useful. We had three senior managers in attendance and this training has benefitted us all. As a firm, we now have the reassurance that our processes are sufficiently robust, as the training has enabled us to review some policies to ensure they are compliant with employment law. The session that Nigel ran was interactive, which was great, and I would recommend this workshop for all firms of any shape and size.” 

    Pete Burgess, Compliance Director, Finance Planning Group 

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