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    Employment Contracts, Policies & Procedures

It is a statutory requirement to provide all employees with a written statement of terms within 2 months of the employment starting. The statement of terms is a simple but essential record of the basics of the employment relationship. A written contract also helps to provide a useful if not essential record of the agreed terms between employers and their employees, workers or freelancers. Indeed the contract will often prove essential if the terms are later in dispute. It is also important to have up to date policies and procedures, not only do these help to make clear what is expected of employees but also helps to create and maintain a professional working environment. Many policies set out legal procedures which are mandatory for all employers, no matter how small. We can help you draw up contracts, policies and procedures that both comply with your legal requirements and work for your business, no matter the size your enterprise. We offer fixed fees to help you budget, and discounted rates for SME’s. For employees we can advise you on the terms of your contract, at any time from the early negation stage right through to any proposed exit.