• Our commitment

    Our Social Responsibility

We are committed to practising employment law in a way which is socially and ethically responsible.

We demonstrate this in the following areas:

We are committed to ensuring that access to justice is available to all, especially the most vulnerable in our society. We assess each matter that is brought to us, and we are dedicated to the principle of taking on clients irrespective of means subject to capacity.

We were founded in Brighton, a City which we love and are proud to call home. As we expanded to serve clients in London and a wider client base, we have not forgotten our roots but equally we realise the importance of being outward looking and embracing our global community. We advise clients from around the world from many different nations and backgrounds. Our strength has come from serving each and every client with the utmost respect, irrespective of their means and background. As a small practice we are truly independent and free to make decisions based on their impact on our community and beyond this the world as a whole.

We commit to take on cases where possible which have merit but where the client cannot afford to pay privately. As a small practice this will depend on capacity. We also provide free legal advice at advice centres, such as the CAB, and surgery sessions and to clients who call our practice every day. We consider law a vocation, not just a business.

Every year we make a donation to a designated Charity.  If your charity would like to discuss sponsorship or donation for an event or ongoing support, please call us.

The firm is committed to reducing its carbon footprint where at all possible. We were early to adopt a paperless office by working on the basis of an electronic file policy. We adopt green policies in our practice and our lives.