• Women in Leadership and Enterprise Conference

    Join Zoe Lagadec at the Inspiring Women Conference for a workshop on Employment Rights for Women.

    What should every working woman know about her employment rights? In this talk Zoe will cover: 1.Basic Pay Rights, 2.Basic Employment Rights, 3.Rights specific to pregnant women, 4.How can women help create an equal and fair working environment for other working women – what 20 years in practice has taught me about what women need? This following workshop will give a practical insight into how to raise an effective grievance and how to support an employee or colleague who has raised a grievance. We will look at the do’s and don’ts of raising complaints at work with a practical exercise as part of the workshop to give participants a chance to draft something from a set of facts. It will also give participants some working examples of the ways in which those supporting individuals who have raised a grievance can resolve matters without having to progress things further.

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