• Employment Tribunal Compensation Limits Increase from 6 April 2023

    This year the increases are significant, no doubt due to the current high rate of inflation. 

    The largest increase we believe has been made to the limit on a week’s pay. 

    This is relevant to calculations for employees relating to redundancy payments  and the basic award in unfair dismissal cases.

    The current rate is £571 and will increase to £643 from 6 April 2023.

    This is an increase of over 12.5% compared to last years’ increase which was less than 5%.

    The maximum compensatory award will also increase to £105,707 from £93,878, the first time it has reached six figures. This is roughly three times the average UK salary of £33,280 according to the ONS. 

    Again, this is an increase of over 12.5%.

    These changes will benefit higher earners.

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