• Mediation

    The world of business is becoming ever more proactive in dealing with workforce issues of all kinds. Workplace mediation can help. Some issues which arise in the workplace are not easily dealt with using the traditional routes of disciplinary and grievance processes. Whether you want to resolve a difficult working relationship, or proactively address a minor issue before it develops to a formal disciplinary or grievance matter, we can help you. The essence of mediation is flexibility. We use our skills to build trust between the parties, create the right conditions for the staff involved to speak honestly and openly to each other about the issues they face, and agree solutions. We can help you to mediate a very wide variety of workplace issues using techniques which are very flexible and tailored to the specific situation. Most of our work involves either providing a mediator to work with the staff involved or to come to your workplace and host a meeting to help the staff create a long term and mutually agreeable solution, or training staff to be mediators themselves and mentoring them as they develop their experience and deal with difficult problems.

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