• Employment Law in 2012 – What’s Coming Up?

    1 February

    • new tribunal award limits come into force

    6 March

    1. consultation closes on fees in tribunals and the EAT


    • expected that qualifying period for unfair dismissal will increase to 2 years
    • various tribunal reforms to take effect, e.g. increase in deposit orders and costs awards
    • unpaid parental leave to increase to 4 months
    • working time rules to be amended to allow holiday to be carried forward in limited circumstances
    • maternity/paternity/adoption pay increases
    • SSP increases


    • pensions auto-enrolment begins for larger employers
    • national minimum wage may increase, depending on what the Low Pay Commission recommends in February

    Developments with no confirmed date but likely to be progressed in 2012

    • penalties for employers who breach of employment rights
    • early compulsory ACAS conciliation of all tribunal claims
    • amendment of whistleblowing rules so that disclosures about breaches of employment contracts are no longer covered
    • compromise agreements to be simplified
    • consultation on ‘protected conversations’ between employers and staff about employment issues without risk of dispute
    • consultation on rapid resolution scheme as alternative to tribunal for low-value and straightforward disputes
    • Acas Disciplinary and Grievance Code to be ‘looked at’ with a view to a simpler dismissal process
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