• ECHR confirms that Britain is a Largely Tolerant and Open Minded Society

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission concluded in its report “How Fair is Britain?” that the UK is a largely tolerant and open minded place to live and work. However, the report identifies several areas in the employment field where progress has been slow or where there may be a risk to further progress being stalled, such as the recession and current public sector reforms. The report states that the current recession is more adversely affecting men and younger people. However, in its report “Women and the Recession” the TUC reported that the female redundancy rate was almost twice that of mens (2.3 as opposed to 1.2) Some signifiant headlines from the report: * Over 40% of female jobs compared to 15% of male jobs are in the public sector, making women particularly vulnerable to public sector cuts * At age 40 men are earning on average 27% more than women * Women with degrees are estimated to suffer a 4% loss over a lifetime of earnings compared to men, whilst mid-level women face a 25% loss and those with no qualifications suffer a 58% loss (according the the TUC report Women and Recession 29% of women are in low paid work compared to 16.1% of men) * Disabled women experience a 31% pay penalty compared to a non -disabled man * Only 23% of people with depression are in employment compared to 62% of people with skin conditions * Black people and disabled people in their early 20’s are twice as likely to not be in employment, education or training (NEET) as white people and non disabled people * 42% of young muslim people are NEET * 45% of disabled people in their early 20’s are NEET

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