• Your questions answered

    Why chose Mulberry’s?

We practice employment law because we have a passion for it. Because we believe that law is a vocation not just a business.

We are not a traditional legal practice. We departed from what we considered to be the competitive billing culture so that we could focus on what we believe to our role: to serve our clients and our community. Without the constraints of billable hours and fee targets we are liberated to focus on the work of helping clients. We love what we do and it shows.

Our founder, Zoe, studied law for over 7 years and lectured in employment law as a Senior Lecturer for 4 years and has practised for nearly 20 years. We know the subject in depth and still find it fascinating and more importantly relevant.

We adopted environmentally sensitive practices right from the start and by making best use of technology have always been able to advise clients remotely, making access easy for those who can’t attend offices due to caring responsibilities or disability. Early on we wanted to make access to legal advice as easy and efficient as possible. The way we practice law has always been ahead of the times.

Almost everyone will have a job during their lifetime and many others will become employers. We spend more time at work than in any other endeavour. Work not only touches our lives but shapes them. It shapes our communities and our societies. So, work must be fair, safe and equal if our societies are to be so. It is in the field of work that issues of equality and fairness are fought for and won or lost. We know that for a business to thrive it must have robust, compliant and transparent employment practices. Recruiting and retaining talent will always be central to success. Our advice is about more than just avoiding risk, it is aspirational and innovative.

We believe that everyone deserves dignity at work, and we work just as hard for clients on the minimum wage as those in executive positions. We act for both employers and employees because we believe that having a balanced view of the world of work informs a balanced approach to resolving employment disputes.

We are motivated by a desire to help people in times of crisis. To reassure, to guide, to give comfort and to give solid accurate advice to everyone, whatever their background and their means.

We are ethically led, technically excellent and handle each matter with compassion, integrity and diligence.