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    Workplace Coaching

Workplace Coaching in its simplest form is merely a conversation

However, it is a conversation that can and often does lead to a transformation, a new way of working, a new career or new way of running your business. It can be truly life changing.

Zoe became interested in coaching when she hit a period in her career when she felt stuck. It felt as though she had forgotten her purpose and felt lost and directionless. Coaching helped to re-discover her focus and direction. In our lives and careers, we often reach crossroads and enter new chapters. Doing this with the help of a coach can lead to intelligent, creative and better choices.

We often seek change but don’t know what or how to change.

Zoe dug deep and with the help of coaching and the ILM training and answered some difficult questions to find the truth of who she was, why she was here and what she wanted her life to look like. Having discovered coaching she changed her life for the better and continues to use the tools she gained in her legal practice.

In her Coaching Zoe draws from many different disciplines and techniques all of which will help you get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

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