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Employment law is one of the most complex and fastest changing areas of law. It is therefore vital that employers obtain specialist advice from experts who have both technical expertise and commercial acumen. We are highly regarded for having both and for giving a fast personal service at a reasonable cost. We know many employers, particularly smaller organizations, find employment law a minefield, a hazard for the unwary. It needn’t be. We will be with you every step of the way to help guide you through it.

We believe it’s important to get the basics right, which is why we offer all new clients a free audit of their employment documentation. We will then let you know what changes you should make. If you have no employment documentation drawn up yet we can advise you what you will need to get started. And when change happens, which is frequently in this field, we will advise you of that too. And when change happens to your organisation, we can advise on how to reorganise or restructure in compliance with your legal obligations. If you are experiencing difficulty with an employee we can advise you on how best to resolve the situation and avoid the costly exercise of defending a tribunal claim. But, if an employment tribunal claim has already landed in your in tray we can advise you best how to defend it, or if it makes sense, to settle it. We offer highly competitive rates and flexible arrangements. Where possible we will do work for a fixed fee and we always offer regular transparent billing.


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